In the reading of Matthew 1:18, we have set forth for us the Virgin Birth, a cardinal belief of fundamentalism. Why is it so important for us to believe the Doctrine of the Virgin Birth? One reason is that the trustworthiness of the Bible is based upon it. While the Virgin Birth is taught in Matthew, it is also taught in Luke, Isaiah, and indicated in Galatians.

Secondly, the Virgin Birth of Christ is important because the deity of Christ made it necessary. The ordinary procreative process always re-suits in the beginning of a new personality. Christ was pre-existent to His birth and, therefore, there wasn't any need for the ordinary procreative process.

A third reason showing the importance of the Virgin Birth is that the sinlessness of Jesus Christ depends upon it. In the ordinary procreative process, sinful humanity produces its own sinful nature. (I Peter 2:22; I John 3:5; Romans 5:12)

Fourthly, the Virgin Birth protects Christ from blasphemy. His birth was unique and unusual but not improper or immoral as some during His day suggested. (John 8:41-47)

Finally, we see the importance of the Virgin Birth because His Saviorhood is vitally based upon it. If He were natural born, He would be a sinner unable to redeem mankind. His death would have been due to His own sins and not the sins of others. (II Corinthians 5:21)

In light of these reasons, we see why the Virgin Birth is a cardinal belief of fundamentalism. To reject the teaching of the Virgin Birth is to reject orthodoxy by denying the Word of God, the deity of Christ and His substitutionary death as our sinless substitute. To deny the Virgin Birth is denial of the faith and makes it virtually impossible to be saved.



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