Blueprint for Marriage - Three

Having previously established God's blueprint for marriage, let's move on to the second direction given by God. Husbands and wives are to cleave to one another. There are some underlying attitudes that are important if we are going to be successful in this area of cleaving to one another.

First, we need to recognize the depth and length of the commitment made at the marriage altar. We did not say we will be faithful unless problems become too great, but "until death do us part." Marriage is not nor was ever intended to be a matter of convenience, chance, or temporary relationship, but a relationship entered into as the result of instruction and counsel, for it is a permanent relationship.

Secondly, we need to realize that marriage is not a matter of blind chance but deliberate choice, not a matter of convenience but of obedience not a matter of which way the cards will fallout, but a matter of how much you are willing and determined to work at it.

Thirdly, a good marriage is based more upon commitment than animal attraction. Wife promises to be faithful even' even if husband is afflicted with bulge, bunion, bi-focal, baldness; even if he loses his health, wealth, job, and charm. Husband promises to be faithful even if his wife loses her beauty and appeal, even if she is not tidy, neat, as submissive as he would like her to be, spends money foolishly, not a good cook, or even if someone more exciting comes along.

Marriage means that the marriage partners "enter into a relationship for which they accept full responsibility and in which they commit themselves to each other regardless of what problems arise." (Wayne Mack, How To Develop Deep Unity In The Marriage Relationship)