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About Us: I retired after 43 years of pastoral ministry serving churches in Vermont, Maine, Pennsylvania and Alaska. These churches ran in attendance from 35 to 300 and are located in rural, urban and suburban areas; we are entering a new phase of ministry. During the past 46 years we have ministered to many people facing crisis situations including our own  personal bouts with cancer.  Mabel has been cancer free for 28 years and I was cancer free for 15 years.  Then in 2007 I was diagnosed with a second cancer. After undergoing surgery, it was determined that my cancer was encapsulated and the area around the cancer showed no signs that the cancer had spread. Therefore no further treatment was recommended. Together we teach a Crisis Seminar designed to help cancer sufferers, their care givers and others facing a crisis as we give them tools to help them deal with the challenges of their crisis. If you need pulpit supply or are interested in using us for a special conference, you may contact us at email address above.

During our 50 years of ministry our ministry has involved the following activities: Along with serving as the Pastor of churches in Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Alaska and most recently an 18 month interim-pastorate in northern PA and finished serving as Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Athens, PA after completing 50 years of pastoral ministry. I have served as a member of Grace Independent Mission Board, Sellersville, PA;  Member of Council of Ten - PA and Alaska; had articles published in Sola Scriptura (F. B. B. C., India), Peninsula Clarion (Kenai, AK), Baptist Bulletin, News Herald (Perkasie, PA),  Mt. Holly Chit Chat, Keystone Baptist, The Encourager, Coping - Living with Cancer, and by the  R. u. H. a. Riders - Chapter 617; worked as a church consultant; conference and camp speaker; a basketball coach at Glen Cove Bible College and a Jr. High coach in Perkasie, PA.  In addition Mabel had for 11 years wrote a regular column, From the Parsonage Window, for PARBC State Paper; wrote articles published by Regular Baptist Press; wrote curriculum for one of our boys and girls clubs grades k - 12; provided a uniquely combined Bible study and quilting class as a means of outreach to unsaved ladies in the community; was a substitute teacher at the elementary level.   My hobbies are fishing, coaching basketball and postcard collecting and Mabel's are quilting and reading.

We are available for pulpit supply, men's and ladies' meetings, interim pastorate, church consulting, and seminars. Some of the seminars we have taught are on Whole Life Stewardship, How to Deal with a Crisis, Help for the Whole Family and Biblical View for Work and Play. If we can be of any help to you please contact through one of the mediums listed above.   We do not charge for our seminars but do ask a love offering be taken to help cover our expenses.

In 2008 Bob was interviewed by Dr. Bill Maier for Focus on the Family's Weekend Magazine. His interview was heard on the Thanksgiving Edition.