Does Jesus Care About My Problems

The difference between fact and feeling

   The obvious answer is yes. Why then do I feel like I am all alone when facing life's difficulties? How do I correct the disconnect between knowledge and emotion? It is so much easier to speak the truth to others than to personally experience the truth in the storms of life.
   Where do we begin? Let's begin by looking at the Word of God and viewing both sides of the picture. Let's see what the disciples perceived to be true and what was true. In Mark's gospel, we read that as the disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee at night a storm arose. It was a strong storm that threatened to capsize their boat and cast them helpless into the raging sea. 
   How did the disciples respond? Their response was one of  aloneness and a paralyzing fear. Why? Because they had neither fully understood the person of Jesus nor remember his teachings.  What did they fail to  realize while they were in the midst of the strong storm? They were totally unaware that Jesus was praying for them and that He was fully aware of their dilemma. Mark says that from the mountain top where He was praying that "he saw them toiling and rowing." 
   Faith makes real for us two very real truths. One, Jesus sees us even when we can not see Him.  Two, He is with us even when He is physically absent.
   Even today we must learn to focus on these same three truths. The first, the Bible tells us that Jesus is at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us. (Hebrews 7:25) The next two truths are bound up together.
   We are told that He has promised never to leave us or forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5,6) Since this is true, He is always with us and He always knows our difficulties. 
   How then do I keep from the same disconnect the disciples experienced? How do I keep from feeling a sense of aloneness which allows me to be overcome by fear? Let me suggest four simple thoughts.
   First, be a good student of the Word of God and commit these truths along with many others to memory. Second, learn to remember these truths when in difficult times. We must make a conscious effort to stop and call to memory the truth of God's Word. Third, recognize there is no disconnect between the physical absence of the Lord and His presence. Jesus does not have to be physically present to comfort and strengthen us. Fourthly, even though I do not feel Jesus' presence it does not mean He is not present. His protective presence is always with us but our comfort comes from the knowledge of His presence. How many times did Jesus heal someone while being physically absent from that person? 
   True faith not only believes something is true but obeys the truth. In times of difficulty we must stop, remember and pray. We must let the truth control our feelings, not our circumstances.  
   There is one overriding truth that makes all this possible. Jesus is God the Son, sovereign ruler over all things. It is He who says to us in the midst of life's storms, "Be of good cheer! It is I: do not be afraid."

PS You might find reading The North Face of God, by Ken Gire helpful and
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